Day 3 - Indigestion and Morning Breath

(Continued from here.)

Dean's eyes opened slowly as the sun finally got high enough in the sky to make the curtains in the trashy motel room they were in useless. He frowned and rolled over, trying to go back to sleep, but soon realized it was too late, he was awake for the day. He sighed and sat up, scratching his head and smirking a bit at the sight before him: Sammy curled up on top of the covers, his laptop still open, drooling onto its keyboard.

Dean got up slowly and quietly, snuck over to Sammy's bed, and then spoke loudly right into his ear. "You're drooling."

Part 2

(Continued from here)

Dean glared at Sammy when he shoved his arm down, but took his card back, winking at the girl behind the desk. "Thanks, gorgeous," he said, then turned, tossing the key into the air, and went to find their room. He hoped it had cable. He missed watching TV. Plus maybe he could catch some porn while Sammy took one of his ridiculously long showers!